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Originally Posted by jujubee
At the same time - this is not the end of a war but a battle. So there is still a war and fighting going on around Arthur (or Mordred? - ugh my knowledge has left me here!)
Mordred and Arthur were related and Mordred ruled for the King while he was off fighting Lancelot on the continent. Mordred decided he wanted to make this a permanent arrangement and, when Arthur returned, this battle of Camlann was the result. Mordred dealt Arthur a fatal blow, then Arthur killed Mordred before he died.
Originally Posted by jujubee
Also - as a minor card - whatever painful stressful event you are going through now is minor and not a life-changing event.
Oh, you have quite a different take on the Minor Arcana than I do Jujubee, that's interesting! I see the Majors as the Why cards, the Minors as the What and How cards, with the Courts being the Who. For me, any of the Minors could indeed be life-changing, and they often have been.

I see the Minors as the manifestation of the underlying causes shown in the Majors, cosmic influences which have descended into the field of time and space. For example, I recently drew a Three of Swords Reversed just before a week away at Wisdom School, and sure enough, there was a great release of pain as the swords dropped out of my heart, "allowing old wounds to begin to heal, particularly by removing binding intellectual concepts so that the heart could beat freely" (Spirit Guide Group: Draws Volume Two, Post #21 - but I realize you are not yet a subscriber). For me, yes, very life changing.
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