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I did look again and sure enough, there is a body draped across the fallen man, he looks like a lump and if seen from another perspective would form an X. He's wearing a white surcoat with a gold emblem and gold belt over his chain mail and has blonde hair in a ponytail.

What sort of looks like another dog, is a darker brown bearish looking thing just to the left of the one we can't determine if it's snarling or protecting. I've got to get out my card and really look at it again... with a magnifier.

One thing for certain, he's got a death grip on that sword. But Arthur would not have been dead yet... at this time, recieved a mortal wound but still alive enough to be drawn away and order Bedivere to throw Excaliber into the lake. So perhaps this is Bedivere throwing himself across Arthur in grief and despair and to put himself between his King and further danger.

Maybe that is why that dog is snarling... you aren't dead yet, get up! Or even... that anger when something you trust and rely on and love is threatened to be taken from you. "Who will take care of me!" "How could you be so careless?" "How dare you die on me!" All those irrational thoughts that go through our heads when confronted with sudden destructive loss or conflict. The fear that becomes fury, lashing out in destructive ways.
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