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Originally Posted by Sophie-David
Oh, you have quite a different take on the Minor Arcana than I do Jujubee, that's interesting! I see the Majors as the Why cards, the Minors as the What and How cards, with the Courts being the Who. For me, any of the Minors could indeed be life-changing, and they often have been.
Wow - I like your take on this also. I always see minor as not actually "minor" as in it's not worth worrying about but a situation that can be fixed. For example- if a death occurred in my family - I'd give that a major card - or if a divorce occurs, etc. But if I get a bad grade in a class I am taking - yes it CAN affect my overall gpa and yes it can influence my chances of getting into a better program in the future BUT it is not a major event that cannot be controlled as the above. (Divorce is questionable I know but it's definitely in a major category since this is someone you expect to spend your life with and it fails). Of course I also believe that each person sees a major event differently! what is minor to ME can be very significant to someone else and vice versa. So it's sort of left up to the person asking the questions. A ten of swords can indeed be painful - the 8 of swords pain of feeling betrayed is indeed VERY intense. But since I don't read reversals- the only time I would see a minor card as a major event is if a major card opened next to it.
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