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Originally Posted by jujubee
That's true - a major popping out isn't always a "major" event. I also follow my instincts and base it on the question. If I ask something like "Should I cook today or order out" and a major pops out - it really is based on context. It's sort of a give and take situation for me. I believe the cards eventually recognize how YOU interpret and read them and so they pop out based on how you see the reading.
Yes, I quite agree - they become your cards!
Originally Posted by jujubee
I bet if you and I both did readings for the exact same question and person we would get different cards but come up with the same conclusions! Wouldn't that be interesting?
Yes, I have seen that happen in some threads where an open question is asked. The last one I remember was in Subscriber Chat, where people were concerned for the safety of two of our members who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Most people did agree that the two were safe, but by using various different methods, some of them Tarot.

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