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The deck

The Fool; RWS Plaid backs (BlueDragonfly)
The Magician; Victoria Regina (Rasa)
The High Priestess; Midnight Masquerade (Chronata)
The Empress; Yoga Tarot (rhombchick)
The Emperor; Legend; Arthurian Tarot (FaireMaiden)
The Hierophant; Hudes (Alta)
The Lovers; Unidentified Thai deck (Rasa)
The Chariot; Thoth (gregory)
Strength; Universal Waite (Le fanu)
The Hermit; Meneghello Tarocchi Neoclassico (Le Fanu)
The Wheel of Fortune; Feng Shui (jcwirish)
Justice; Karma Music (Oddity)
The Hanged Man; Cat People (gregory)
Death; 1JJ Swiss (Lillie)
Temperance; MRP Fairy Tale Tarot (OctoberGwen)
The Devil; Sheridan Douglas (Pipistrelle)
The Tower; Chronatarot (Chronata)
The Star; Balbi (photokat)
The Moon; Albano Waite (1968) (photokat)
The Sun; Tarot of the Old Path (WendyWu)
Judgment; Tarot de Marsella (Fire Cat)
The World; Sacred Rose (gregory)

Ace of Wands; Angel Tarot (Oddity)
Two of Wands; Mystic Meg (thorhammer)
Three of Wands; Housewives Tarot (VGimlet)
Four of Wands; Hoi Polloi (photokat)
Five of Wands; LoS Dragon Tarot (Briar Rose)
Six of Wands; Spirit Tarot (iceclone)
Seven of Wands; Inner Child (Brigid):
Eight of Wands; /Rods. The Intuitive (nicky)
Nine of Wands; Tarot of the Princesses (nicole_)
Ten of Wands; Crow's Magickal tarot (Pipistrelle)
Page of Wands; The Astrology Tarot - a TdM deck -(Elven)
Knight of Wands; /Rods, Aquarian (morticia monroe)
Queen of Wands; Palladini (gregory)
King of Wands; Comparative (Aulruna)

Ace of Cups; Illuminated (lark)
Two of Cups; Williams' Minchiate Tarot (Fire Cat)
Three of Cups; 1st edition Tarot of Prague (Mimers)
Four of Cups; Spanish Tarot (nicky)
Five of Cups; El Teddy Tarot (aurarcana)
Six of Cups; LoS Pagan Tarot (FaireMaiden)
Seven of Cups; Shapeshifters (Brigid)
Eight of Cups; Baroque Bohemian Cats (Celice)
Nine of Cups; LoS Egyptian Tarot (Le fanu)
Ten of Cups; Davis/Paterson Celtic Tarot (Fire Cat)
Page of Cups /Princess of Cups; Druid Craft (Cat*)
Knight of Cups; Radiant RWS (Le fanu)
Queen of Cups; Cosmic (Oddity)
King of Cups; Gilded (Briar Rose)

Ace of Swords; Golden Dragon (WendyWu)
Two of Swords; Women's Tarot (Pipistrelle)
Three of Swords; University Books RWS (photokat)
Four of Swords; Old English Tarot (Pipistrelle)
Five of Swords /Five of Flamingos; Wonderland Tarot (faunabay), received from Oddity
Six of Swords; Kurmay (Brigid)
Seven of Swords; Modern Medieval Tarot (Le fanu)
Eight of Swords; Sweet Twilight (gregory)
Nine of Swords; Fantastical Creatures (Pipistrelle)
Ten of Swords; Mage The Awakening (Pipistrelle)
Page of Swords; Natalie Herz's Fantastical Tarot (le Fanu)
Knight of Swords ; Papus (Le Fanu)
Queen of Swords; LoS Visconti-Sforza (cardlady22)
King of Swords; Robin Wood (gregory)

Ace of Pentacles: Haindl (zan)
Two of Pentacles; Tarot Noir (faunabay) received from Chronata
Three of Pentacles; /"three of bells" The Ironwing (aurarcana)
Four of Pentacles, The Mythic Tarot (GeorgiePorgie)
Five of Pentacles; Tarot of the Secret Forest (Cat*)
Six of Pentacles; Celtic Dragon (Fire Cat)
Seven of Pentacles, Stella's tarot (cardlady22)
Eight of Pentacles; Napo (FaireMaiden)
Nine of Pentacles, /Nine of Pumpkins, Halloween Tarot (cardlady22)
Ten of Pentacles; Magic Manga (Pipistrelle)
Page of Pentacles; Ukiyoe (morticia monroe)
Knight of Pentacles: Spiral (nisaba)
Queen of Pentacles; Fergus Hall Witches tarot (Oddity)
King of Pentacles; Renaissance Tarot (OctoberGwen)

Patchwork pouch, created and donated by BlueDragonfly
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