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latest for this week:

Row 1: 6 pents, Judgement, 5 pents, Sun
Row 2: 6 wands, Hanged Man, King cups, 6 swords.

Okay, I know a lot of decks have one card at least where owners have a WTF! moment. I know mine will be the Hanged Man.

I have included below the text I have for that card, so hopefully it explains why the dude is not actually hanging. BUT.... he does fit the key words often associated with the card.

.................................................. ...............

Creator’s interpretation:

This is the one card in the deck, where I did move away from traditional RWS imagery. I accept it may initially cause some head scratching. Yet I believe it still shows the issues of sacrifice or change of perspective. We are often afraid of change, as the idea of moving into the unknown brings about a natural sense of fear. However, we sometimes have to acknowledge that what we have achieved to date, may have to be sacrificed in some way if we are to move on, and achieve something better. As humans, we don’t like to let go of things too easily, particularly if they have sentimental value, or are things we have worked hard for. By making this sacrifice, we will also be asked to perceive how we live our lives from a different perspective. That change in perspective may prove beneficial in the long run, when we compare this new vision to how we perhaps had lived life prior to that point. Hopefully that new perspective will hold more appeal, and become the norm for us. There has to be an understanding with this process – it will take time, so any expectations of rapid change may have to be put on hold.

Image visualised by the creator:

We are seeing a character we have seen before, struggling to run up the hill. This portly winged being has realised that he needs to look after himself, and take more care of his health. His perspective of life has changed. The episode with the slide made him realise that he has been too blasé in the past, and risks some serious health problems if he is not willing to address the issue now! He has decided to give up his previous life style of excessive eating and is trying to lose a little bit of weight. As he is struggling up the hill, we can see the exertion in the colouring of his face, and the sweat on his clothing. However, he is determined to reach the top, no matter how long it takes him. This is so hard for him though! There is a wee winged child running behind him, smiling. This hill is easy for them! And yet the child is not laughing at the man. Oh no. If they wanted to, they could run on ahead but they have chosen to run with him, in order to offer encouragement and support. These winged beings do not know what it is like to have an ego or to be selfish. Flying above the man, also intent on spurring him on, is a fairy and her dragon. The runner thought he was alone in making this sacrifice, but he has found support where it was not expected. Will he continue with this difficult quest, knowing it is for the best? Time will tell on this one.

“Why not take yourself out of your comfort zone and experience a whole new world
By doing so a new beginning and perspective has the chance to unfurl
The going may appear to be tough as the challenge threatens to defeat you
Then is the time to dig deep, and accept it may take time to see it through”

1) Which of the characters do you associate with and why?
2) What are his chances of the main character being successful in his endeavours? What has caused you to come to that opinion?
3) What is supporting the main character in his quest?
4) What may be an obstacle to the main character in his quest?
5) If a sacrifice of sorts is needed in your life, where does it apply? What would be the long term implication should you go ahead with it? What would be the short term implications?
6) How will the character in the card change his perspective should he lose the weight he feels he needs to lose?
7) The card indicates this is possibly going to be something that is gradual and over time – how does that relate to your current circumstances? How do you feel about it taking time to manifest?
8) The character in the card is being supported on his quest, albeit it is a lone and personal one – is there any support around you at the moment? Does this affect how you see the potential journey ahead of you?

Also, I chose to make the 6 of swords more proactive instead of passive.
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