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Getting to know the courts.

Well, when I wrote the text for the Deirdre of Sorrows deck, I also did a fun exercise called "Queens in a cafe"

They would be chatting daily over coffee, and each day would look through a suit from the deck, whilst staying in character. Really good fun and the queens showed their traits well through the exercise.

This time round, for my deck I did a wife swap kinda exercise.

King of Swords ends up with Queen of Wands for a while, and they end up with a challenge of a game of chess. Lots of chat going on to try and unsettle the other, but in a way it is fun for us as the reader. Again we get to know their character traits.

And I ask the reader to consider writing up another wife swap story for two other courts. This idea is from the fact we do have aired in NZ the Wife Swap programs which are obviously paired to be contentious (I abhor that) but it did give the idea for the exercise.

Thanks for the thumbs up ScarletKat. It has been a labour of love, but these characters have definitely wormed their way into my heart.
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