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Originally Posted by TRIANGLE View Post
Using the gaian Tarot, I pulled
Ace of water / elder (king) of water
(Very pretty pair they are)

A single fish in the pond, now an ocean; it looks like this was a relationship that brought a lot of emotional learning and growing, and perhaps a shift in perspective. The older man in the water at sunset, comfortable, content, looking up at the big, beautiful sky; perhaps the presence of N in your life could be viewed as a lesson in understanding yourself and what you want and value in relationships.

How can I work on my resolution of being kinder to myself this year?
9 pentacles/7 pentacles - work on being independent and taking good care of yourself and enjoying life on your own terms for a while without the need for anyone else to validate our choices or your happiness, make it all about you, and don't do things for others that you will feel you want something in return for, do things for others out of kindness and watch the rewards come back through the universe to you.

Q: What happened to make X pull away from me recently?
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