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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post

My take is really different on this card, so I am not sure if I can help here. Upright, the moon (in the romantic department) is about romance, illusion, confusion, attraction, worries, memories of the past and fears. In some cases, I agree that substance abuse can be related to this card.

Reversed, I see the Moon card as ''getting out'' of this confusion, fear and worrie phase. In other words, I see clarity when the Moon is reversed. It all depends on how you personally see reversals. For you, a rx Moon could be even more problematic than upright one.

Hope it helps a bit
Hi and thank you for your input,

Yes, I have usually seen moon rx more problematic, plus the other cards in the spread were not showing a happy union or any positive feelings, so that also makes me feel this is negative energy.
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