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This thread is just laughable... I mean, how weak-willed are we?

I had a back up of the Ancient Italian, but sent it to Sapienza. Then after this thread got going I decided I needed another one. I bought one. And this one isn't going anywhere. At least, not yet. Maybe in a few months it could go to Sapienza as her third copy...

Like sravana, I checked all the cards were there, tucked it back up and put it safely at the back of the tarot shelf.

Then I bought another Tarot of the Master, and am finding it hugely exciting not taking the shrink-wrap off. How thrilling is that?

Then I thought Id better get another Ancient Tarot of Bologna. I mean, I don't really use it a lot, but feel as though I ought to. You never know, it might become a future fave. And rare. So I bought one of those too (book

Then on reflection, I realised I had back up copies of all my favourite historical Scarabeo decks. Classical tarot, Ancient Italian, Ancient Tarot of Bologna, Tarot of the Master, Minchiate Fiorentina (and also the Conver Ancient Tarot of Marseilles). Back ups of everything in fact except the Ancient Tarot of Lombardy. Does this mean?.. O god.... just for the sake of completion? Am I doomed to have to buy this too?

The Ancient Italian has a lot to answer for.
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