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Originally Posted by MaineGirl117 View Post
I have also come to the conclusion that this card suggests that everybody has "a checkered past" like the tiles on the floor. We are not all goodness or all evil. By acknowledging the past, both good and bad, we can then bring acceptance to who we are.
This is a fabulous option for reading the black & white tiles behind him! That is a creative angle!

Here are alternate ideas for reading this checker board pattern:

- Every thing is not simply black or white. Expand your mind to see other options.

- Someone is playing games. Is this in fun, or is it malicious?

- There are times it is wise to remember that seeing things playfully can be just as critical as taking everything seriously.

I just remembered there is a thread here in this study group for black and white symbolism. The Emperor is one of the cards mentioned:
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