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On the one hand it sounds like he's talking about the pillars, but I agree with you that it doesn't exactly make sense. On the other hand he could be talking about Geburah and Chesed as representatives of each pillar, but the wording isn't in favor of that. The next two sentences which follow after the end of your quote I believe are the keys,
"The science of the Paths which communicate with Chesed belongs to the root-matter of resurrection itself, which involves return in its meaning. To attain resurrection the Postulant must traverse the Path of Teth, but thereafter he comes forth out of Chesed. . ."
To me this shows he's talking about coming out of Chesed specifically, which is on the side of Mercy.

My understanding of "going in" and "coming out" as Waite uses them here is as references to the symbolic death and burial in Geburah and the subsequent return in Chesed.
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