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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
I see what you're saying and can see the reasoning behind it. What about Waite calling the Fool "spirit?"
That question is a little harder than it looks. The soul is spirit, but spirit is not only the soul. According to most schools of thought, the individual souls are emanations of a universal spirit, but the devil (sometimes literally) is in the details.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the individual souls are creations of a higher, indivisible, uncreated spirit; while they are spirits themselves, they are sort of second rate, since they are created.

In most Eastern traditions, there is no creation as we conceive it; the world we live in is illusory, and so is any difference between Creator and Creation. Wisdom is (or beings with) the understanding of that illusion. So the individual souls are emanations of the universal one, but have never been really separated from it; like clonal trees, they all share a common root.

And I think I got a little carried away... For Waite, the Roman Catholic, spirit and the soul would be synonyms in the Judeo Christian tradition, but with the Judeo Chrsitian distinctions. For Waite the occultist, I'd say "the spirit in search of experience" is the pure, uncreated spirit immersing itself in the waters of illusion to become an individual soul and live out that individual life. Am I making any sense?
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