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Originally Posted by AraLuck View Post
Your day

10 Ace Ace

So I would say it's something that is related to work or finances, and a potential loss there. 10 clubs can be travel, but to me it can also represent the work place... I see these clubs like a lot of little heads... and they all seem to be chatting away to me, but the Ace comes in like a shard, like a breath of death and silences the noise... to allow a glowing diamond to sparkle. Basically, there is something that is going to happen but it's only a tunnel... and there's something very promising that happens at the end of the day. It may be a message, or a form of contact... or just a new ray of light after some potentially bad news.
the day is coming to a close, time for feedback =)

There was no loss today, no travel, no chatting, and definetely no shard or breath of death. There also hasn't been a glowing diamond to sparkle.
I did not have the tunnel feeling, and there hasn't been something very promising. Nothing dramatic.

Perhaps, for daily picks the meanings needs to be watered down? Your reading did make me feel a bit worried, but then I thought the Ace cannot always be death and I was able to enjoy the day.
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