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True, it's a bit overwhelming at first. The whole thing is very Christian mysticism oriented.

I made another diagram that shows the initiation paths taken. When the initiate reaches Netzach he or she returns to Yseod and enters Tiphareth by path 26. It's the same thing from Tiphareth to Daath. None of the other paths are used to travel upward, but can be traveled downward in some cases, and are also avenues for "influences" from the Supernals to move downward.

Initiation Paths

All the paths are covered in the book except 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17. For those I followed the information given here, but not all the correspondences given there are correct. Where they disagree, my correspondences match those given in the rituals more closely. The correspondences for the paths at the top are mostly guesswork I believe, but they seem to make some sense the way they are. This part of it would be fertile territory to explore imo, but it's all good.
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