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Hey, she's wearing your turban, Flavio!

On the front of her turban are the moon phases, and she has the moon at her feet, too. Isn't there something in the Bible (Revelations?) about the woman with the moon at her feet? My Bible knowledge is rusty these days! (On Alchemical Tarot, the moon is actually a boat on which the High Priestess stands.)

The black and white pillars are a symbol that reality, and the truth the HP can teach us about reality, contains light and dark, good and bad, and all opposites. We should be open to both sides.

Between the pillars are a veil. Some authors make a big deal about the HP being a virgin and so in contrast to the Empress as lover and mother. I always thought that was a little sexist, since it is defining the being/meaning of a woman (albeit a symbolic woman) solely in her relationship to men. But virginity can also meen independence (as someone mentioned), and the HP, as Holy Wisdom, raises her veil (reveals herself) only to those who are worthy.

The pomegranates are those of Persephone, who ate the pomegranate seeds and therefore was required to be queen of the underworld (and its secret knowledge).

Also, the veil in the temple in Jerusalem between the outer temple and holy of holies tore when Jesus died, symbolizing the fact that humans were no longer divided from God. As someone between us and the veil, the HP could be considered a similar mediator? She can teach us what we need to know about the sacred.

Finally, as someone else mentioned, she's not talking, but she is definitely trying to tell us something with her eyes!

I hope I don't offend anybody (Pagan or Christian) with the Christian stuff. We're just talking about symbols here, right?
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