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Hanson Roberts - Three of Swords

A huge red heart dominates the card, pierced by three swords. A matched pair of swords with black blades and turquoise serpents on the handles, cross each other through the heart. A silver blade, a large green serpent with piercing yellow eyes on its handle plunges straight down in front of the other swords. The background is stormy clouds with 6 rain drops, 2 tinged red, falling beneath the scene.

Following Joan Bunning's advice on her on line course, I looked for a news story to do a reading on. I picked a missing girl. This was the first such reading I had ever done. I did a 3 card reading (past, present, future) on 2 consecutive days. This card was the past card on the first reading, and the present on the second reading. The girl was found murdered the following day. Now every time I see this card it sends shivers down my spine.
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