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Originally Posted by Red Kite
I did a 3 card reading (past, present, future) on 2 consecutive days. This card was the past card on the first reading, and the present on the second reading. The girl was found murdered the following day. Now every time I see this card it sends shivers down my spine.
That's a chilling story, Red Kite! I have thought about doing readings based on news stories, but haven't quite gotten up the nerve yet.

To me, this card is all about a rather difficult relationship I was in years ago. This card came up consistently, and it was a love triangle, just as tarotlova said. Oh... And it proved to be 100% accurate, too.

Now, I have heard others say that this card can mean 'separation' as in your loved one is going on a trip or something (but will be back, which is not so bad). But for me, this card has always meant grief or heartbreak.
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