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This person is indeed getting ready to exit my life.
They are getting ready to head out of town to go live somewhere else.
They will not be around more than a few more days.
That's really interesting. This spread really appears to be working for you.

Well, I had another go at this spread, myself. On Saturday, I asked if my Monday class at college would be going out for the afternoon. They sometimes do, sometimes don't. Last week they stayed in, the teacher let them have a vote to decide if we all went out or stayed in. They voted to stay in.

She said that next week (ie, today) she would let them vote again to decide. Now, left to the students, they always prefer to stay in. So, I asked the deck if the group would be going out today. Got a very strong "yes" (2 Aces and Mage). My gut feeling, though, was that we would stay in.

So, this morning, weather forecast heavy rain for afternoon, so I asked the same Q again and still got a strong "yes". But... we stayed in. There wasn't eve a vote. There was no question the group was staying in.

I guess you can say this wasn't really a "stable" Q, but I had felt all along that the deck wasn't giving me the right answer.
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