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On the Revelations Tarot--7 of Swords and first three cards

I may understand your frustration. This is a caution for carefulness. Within the context of knowing you should watch carefully for problems... perhaps I can suggest some mitigating thoughts?

This meaning sounds a bit sharp, but perhaps knowing it's opposite is helpful.

The opposite of such wariness to me is wisdom and experience attained from trusting wisely--I posted for myself in the book, a Kanji character of love, which means my experience of wisdom attained from love overrides my stupidity from being cheated.

I use this deck to suggest wisdom and my writing in the book to see a solution beyond the suggestive RWS meaning showed me that I wanted to solve the problem of confronting a 'lack' within myself.

"I will devote my time and attention to the more rewarding aspect of wisdom attained from love and those who have proven this by trust, kindness and good actions to me."

"I will be aware, cautioned and reflective."

Queen of Wands - Leo...a caring woman who looks out for others and provides all...

I read through this and it's quite a responsible, warm and strong personality. Do you take responsibility for others a lot? Perhaps even more than you should? Perhaps the active personality and quick reactions, your caring and responsible personality aspects will be impatient with those who are sneaky, so you don't have that energy around you, personally. But perhaps you are quick to also defend others from injustice and this is a 'caution' for your Queen of Wands aspects...

Now the deck in position one is supposed to be telling the reader about itself...well my take is that the deck is saying for you, right now, it's going to be something that provokes a reaction to you and exercising caution might be wise. That you keep receiving the Seven of Swords might suggest that you might want to write a solution word or interact with the Seven of Swords idea in a way that helps you find selection of Asian characters and wisdom thoughts for the strong and stirring cards was my resolution...

In position two, it's saying its strengths are your strengths...your Queen of Wands position three, the limit/blockage of the deck is as ten of wands, the feeling of superactivity of immense power and energy to deal with solving strong needs and other words, perhaps the limits of the deck might reflect your limits of energy or time...they may feel as burdens to you now...for my keyword to the ten of wands is Kindness.

Have kindness for yourself and go from there...

Hope this helps,

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