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Originally Posted by RiverRunsDeep View Post
Just wanted to post here one more time. This was my favorite thread. This is the one thread I copied and saved from beginning to end. I had hoped to revive it this Halloween...
I wanted to tell you that about once a month I do this spread if I am digging into my genealogy. Remember we would pick a court card to depict the mother's or father's side?

Well on the most recent reading I picked a knight for male. And then another knight. It was a knight of swords. I couldn't help think soldier when I was doing this...I assumed this meant my father's side. My next cards were four of swords, Sun, ace of swords and last the Hermit.

I hadn't read in a while so I was struck by this powerful reading. What was the Hermit telling me? Was he alone? Waiting? If I want to honor him will I find him alone? What was I going to find that I had waited forever to find? What about that Ace of Swords and why was the Knight of Swords talking to me? Why the Sun?

Long story short, I found a new relative. He died in the Civil War and that is a big deal for my family. He was Union and they won that day and the Emancipation Proclamation was a few days later! The Ace of Swords! He wasn't on my father's side though. He was in my mother's grandfather's family! That was the male. The four of swords=he was waiting in repose for someone to find him and remember him because he left no descendants and they never identified him for burial. He was alone...alone as the Hermit. He is still alone and needs to be remembered.

I wanted to point out too I had switched from my Mary-El to my new deck Mystical Tarot to read this.

Riverrunsdeep, I thank you for this spread. I do love it and do still use it.
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