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I think I will join you, and just use the International Icon for the foreseeable future.

My whole approach to Tarot has been kind of a one deck wonder. I only had the one deck, a RWS, for the first 10 years. Then I did 3 years or so with Marseilles, and then later about 3 of 4 years with Thoth. Probably about time to return to the RWS style, and I've had an International Icon since reading Satori's posts in the original ODW threads.

It will be a useful thing for me to read with actual cards again. I mainly use an app on my phone for readings these days. It works. And it was so much more practical when my kids were very little. But they are big, and I miss working with a real deck.

I have readings to finish up in some of the circles, but other than those I am in as of now. AS soon as I finish this post I will go and dust of my IIT.

As for rules.... I will read exclusively with the IIT for the foreseeable future, except for if I feel like joining in with a reading circle that requires a specific type of deck. I may add in a Marseilles at some point, but probably not for a while.
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