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I read somewhere quite a few years ago that the usual result of giving out business cards is that of every 100 cards you give out, you'll get about 10% who will actually contact you. I think making your own would be a way to cut costs because giving out cards can be expensive and not very budget wise even if you do make them yourself.

Also, if you move around a lot or if you plan to move to a new location in the near future, the cards should just give your phone number (cell phone is what I use) and not an actual physical address because if you move, then that information won't be current and you'll have wasted money on business cards. Besides that, giving your home address out to strangers isn't a safe thing to do. You don't want to put a whole lot of text on the cards, either. Just name and phone number and what you specialize in is enough.

You can buy sheets of business cards to print out yourself. I've done that and it's cheaper than using a printing business to get them done.
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