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Thanks Nisaba that sounds great:-)...(but the only other deck i have is Egyptian which i have not done reading with as YET...wondering if that would be apropriate for timing? I do DO readings with normal playing cards at times....Iam guessing should be okay if I use another set of playing cards if egytian cannot be used?)
I guess i so needed this...i have to say the very many times I have tried 'timining' i have consistently failed :-( that discouraged me to try it ever again...ever since I started doing timing withthe checking sets of circumstances to when is 'so and so' likely to happen....and that has pretty much worked for me so far....(Is that what you have mentioned pertaining to the major arcana cards? I mean the same principle? as in 'around' what the cards stands for?) also in my readings i have noticed...yello-orangish cards..summer...bluish-purble to blackish--winters....havent noticed any specifics for spring but picked solely on the basis of intuition (even when i dont MEAN to do just reflects which has apparently bene true)
Also I wanted to ask you where you mentioned the court cards... 'time unit' was mentioned...does that mean we need to pick yet another card to see day? week?month? or year? so if it was page...followed by wands...would that be 11 days? is that how it works?

what you have suggested sounds so exciting ;-) Iam gonna give it a go....still a bit unclear about the court cards though...

love n light
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