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Originally Posted by Seaberry86 View Post
I did a timing spread and pulled one card. I pulled the Devil. I've read that this represents Saturday, is this true?
Wow, is true that there are specific days even, allotted to various Majors? But what about decks where Strength/Justice are interchanged? Like the 8th is actually the 11th and vice-versa? What do you make of that, wrt timing? Also, if I got Strength as the Timing card, should I interpret it as I need to be resilient and work on my issues and keep going till I master it?

How about instant intuition? Like I drew the Queen of Swords for this guy in a soul mate spread, and according to this method, it has to be 13 weeks right? But something told me "this winter, he would most probably encounter his Queen of Swords" Which one to go with, then? Intuition or Instruction?

Also, can the Halloween Deck be used for Timings? I don't use it much for regular readings, but at the same time, it has totally different imagery, so would that work just as well as unillustrated ones?
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