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Well ...

... this isn't thought as a thread of discussion ... see post 1 in this thread. The idea of this thread is, that persons new to the Tarot History forum find information, where they could find resources to read. For this reason the thread got a fixed position as the first of all other threads.

It's NOT thought for discussion, if anything is good or bad or useful or not.

If anybody feels tempted to attack a "Wicked Pack of Cards", she/he might open a thread with an appropriate title (or search for an already existing thread) and present her/his opinion and the relevant arguments. Similar for other ideas, for instance, that "Tarot comes from Egypt" or that there is a meaningful difference between "invented here" and "invented there" or about the so-called book "Archeology of the Tarot" (the search engine is astonishing silent about this title), in the case that it is real and has anything to do with the theme of this part of the forum, which is called "Historical Research".

So far these are common rules here, as far I know them ... cause the special conditions of "Historical Research" it's often requested by readers, that, if you state something as a historical truth, that you're asked, where you got this from and it's better, if you have an answer then.
If your topic relates strongly to Golden Dawn topics, there is a Forum "Rider-Waite-Smith" and "Thoth". Also there is a Forum "Kabbalah and Alphabet", and for more iconographic interests (though this a little bit floating) might be better "Marseilles & Other Early Decks".

... For those, who are relative new here, welcome ...
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