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Originally Posted by missy_
Hi, pippi, I just wanted to say they look lovely! And the tin really does look like it was made for the deck! Fantastic!
Thanks Missy!

Originally Posted by Lewen
Wow, it looks totally different. Thanks for posting a picture. Now I'm eyeing my deck and wondering if I'm up to the challenge! Very lovely and the tin is just perfect!
My pleasure! Let us know if you get out the scissors!

Originally Posted by MysticalMoose
Ohhhhhhh! I DO like how they look, these are much lovelier without those distracting borders... you have done wonderful job you brave person! I would love to trim several decks of mine but havent quite summoned up the courage yet!!! They look good in that tin dont they!!!
Now that you've made the leap into cutting off your DruidCraft borders, you'll probably be noticing more decks in your stash that suddenly "need" trimming!
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