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Originally Posted by snowmoon View Post

Celtic lenormand cards would seems resonate to me, the sabbts. maidan, crone, mother, weel of the year. I'm not pagan.

i do use tarot cards for spells, but i never thought use the lenormand cards for spells.

do you like to use extra cards for lenormand cards? i don't use extra cards. i have to check this deck out.

Yes, I like very much being able to switch Snakes, Trees, or Birds, or Dog for Cat, or male Rider for female Rider, or Boy for Girl for example.So I enjoy he extra choices very much, but the meaning of the card doesnīt change.
Then there is the possibility to do readings with for example both the boy and the girl in the deck if there are a boy and a girl in a family, but then I guess we strictly speaking are not doing Lenormand anymore, as that is 36 cards period. The same goes for using some of the interesing spreads where you use both Trees, or all three Birds(represening other things than the usual;healing, social interaction and wisdom) in certain positions in a string, or do a GT with the usual 36 cards, but where 8 cards also represents the eight Sabbats, to get an all year GT; reading around each Sabbat for the timing.
Sometimes I use an extra card for GT and put the card left out on that card, saw it done on youtube, to ge in more people. And someimes I leave more than one extra card in the deck to see what shows up in a string, but I understand that this isnīt correct use of Lenormand, giving cerain cards extra chance to show up.
Thank you for your interest!
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