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Hi all

I 'feel' this Symbol! If its drawn, I notice my shoulders droop! lol!

The imagery I see for this Symbol is a woman walking very slowly, but with a light flowing (fabric), pastel rainbow colored dress on. She is middle-aged and buxom. So sometimes I guess this can be physical weight to. But in relation to that, I see that the physical 'weight' she carries as something which covers up part of her true self. She is sheltering her feelings within herself by her own form, and carrying around her walls with her (or him). This could be 'any problem' though, but something which may seem 'embarassing' or 'cant be discussed'. The person holds onto their baggage and its weight is the load, that the person bears. The value of the load is assessed by the carrier.

There a song (an old one) sung by Colleen Hewit which says "Boy, you've gotta carry that weight, carry that weight, a long time".

The Sabian Oracle Book by Lynda Hill says that 'The carrying of the 'load', may provide a convenient excuse for not participating in the present.' ... and 'To varying degrees, everybody is carrying some sort of heavy load, which they try to conceal.

Elven x
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