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Heya all!

I recently finished the Knight of Wands and updated the Queen of Cups, as I felt she wasn't looking regal enough for a queen. Just a bit of flowing fabric around her, which I think accentuates both the sensual nature of her posture and the luxe of her queen status.

The Knight of Wands, a being of passion, drive, and a dash of recklessness.

While we traditionally associate knights with weapons, this one is seen charging in with a blunt shield, headstrong and in force. Her fierce drive heats the wand in her other hand, imbued with the elemental fire of her suit, while feathers trail off her hair and armor, indicative of this one's penchant for glamour and showmanship.

Of all the knights, this one's armor is the lightest. This makes her ready to move in an instant, but is also the least protective. It offers a word of caution that excessive amounts of bravery mixed with minimal planning can be dangerous. He who always succeeds does not know the pain of failure, and this cockiness can result in trouble.
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