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Continueing on...

I was showing the cards off to a friend the other day, letting her work her way through the questions and began flipping through them while she worked. One card sort of jumped out at me, spoke to my heart or my eyes as it were. So, in continuation with the study group, I present here my findings.

#40 Honesty

His face/skull/head looks disfigured or changed from what was meant. His eyes are massive and virtually without detail. A stuffed animal, a mask? Jagged, pointy multi parted. Nose and mouth ar distanced from the rest of his head.

Body is Transparent, alien, but some of the major arteries are very visible. Something at his throat. No hands, hidden. No organs.

He very much seems to stand stark nekkid in all of his ‘honesty’. His eyes are wide and give the impression of expressiveness. He is not suggesting, merely displayed for observation. His body, his soul, is transparent. Though I see no heart I would venture to say I can see his essence. However, his mind is not visible through anything but his big eyes, and I would think that with all of the physical jaggedness, there would be something filling it. It bothers me, also, that I cannot see his hand and don’t know what he’s doing with them.

He appears ‘innocent’, but I would say there is more to him than what he appears.
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