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I find everyone's individual reactions to this card really interesting, maybe it's the psych training in me, but it seems to say so much.
I must agree that I have never seen Honesty as ragged or tired. I find his features really organic, like a frail leaf. It just speaks more to me of his frailty/vulnerability. I also didnt see that he might be talking about the negative side of honesty. And the no hands thing- interesting!
Everyone's take is so different, and probably says alot about their relationship to honesty in their life.
For me, I am aiming to be completely authentic in my life, particulalry with myself. It is painful, but so wonderful at the same time. It's probably no coincidence that this is what I see in the card.
Is it the same for everyone else? That is, does how you described the card also relate to your view of honesty- or did it surprise you?
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