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I was BAMM and I saw a deck and book kit. It was using the Gilded deck and a new book, by Josephine Ellershaw. I was wondering if anyone has read or seen a review for this book?
I've read the book in its entirety. I don't always agree with her interpretations i.e. she describes the 3 of Wands (the image of the man w/ 3 Wands watching the boat in the distance) as having auspicious and fortunate times ahead of you, whereas I always felt that the boat was leaving and that the man volunteered to stay behind, symbolizing the need to leave something behind in order to successfully move forward. However, I do feel with most cards her interpretations have matched almost parallel my intuitive feelings. While I still prefer to intuitively read the cards, I will occasionally read her interpretation of a card if I feel a little wompy about a certain (or certain) card/s. Overall, the book did help me to get used to the cards when I first got them, and serves to be a helpful reference to turn to in a time of need.
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