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So many questions!

(List is updated to here.)

I finally(!) sent out my cards to Feretian today. I hope she didn't change her address since the last time.

But I'm still chewing my little mouse claws, wondering what happened to the second NINE OF WANDS (see post #1)?! Did canid have enough tea by now? Did Feretian miscount? Did a secret card adoption take place? Is that poor card left alone without someone to draw it?!

I'm also very curious to hear how Sebavin is getting on with the change of mindset from the Four of Wands to the EIGHT OF CUPS... Is the PAGE OF WANDS still sounding the alarm bells? Let's hear your card designing adventures!

And who has heard of I think I read somewhere that she has been away from AT for a while but is back now - anyone know anything definite? Did her KNIGHT OF CUPS charm her away from us?

Did Aulruna's NINE OF COINS make it safely over the ocean in their CHARIOT?

Are rhombchick's FOUR OF CUPS still waiting for color? Or did they already sneak out of the house together with the TEN OF CUPS to travel to Feretian?

And finally: did Inana ever get her question answered in a satisfactory way?

Step up right here and let's hear it if you have any answers, my dear fellow myce! Don't let me chew off all my mouse claws!
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