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Originally Posted by gregory
So - what do you NOT have, Ferry ? And what of Inana's question which made no sense to me but I hope it did to someone..... I guess it boils down to - have you her cards ?
Ah, let me do my best to help clarify these matters. (I update the list in post #1 whenever I hear anything new in this thread, btw.)

If I didn't miss anything, these cards have arrived safely at Feretian's:
- Cups: 2s, 5s, 6s, Knights, Queens
- Wands: 4s, 6s, 9 (canid's)
- Coins: 9s, Pages, Kings
- Swords: 5s, 9s
- Chariot

These cards have not been created and/or sent yet (or I don't know about it):
- Cups: 4s, 8s, 10s
- Swords: Pages

Could Aulruna, Sebavin, rhombchick, and please give us definite updates about their current state of existence and/or their location? Or Feretian, if she has already got any of these cards?

ETA: Got updates from Aulruna & so far - thank you!

ETA: As posted in #51, Feretian has been loaded with work and can't do her cards after all. So these here are up for grabs again (see post #52 for details):
- Wands: 9 (1x) - ETA: now taken by gregory
- Coins/Pents: Queens (2x) - ETA: now taken by Equidies
- Swords: 8s (2x) - ETA: now taken by Cat*

Inana contributed the Ace of Cups during the "first round" (they've arrived at Feretian's and have been posted over in the Raffle thread). It looks as if Inana had also signed up for the Page of Coins back then, but Feretian never said she got these cards (and Inana never said she sent them). Maybe we have two pairs of Pages of Coins now.
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