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Yep, I read that, too. Thus the "and/or" between "not created" and "not sent" (and the "or I don't know about it" afterwards).

Being a professional procrastinator myself (just look how I publicly promised to send off my cards and how it still took me longer to actually do so! ), I never trust anyone's plans to do anything (e.g. send off a card) on a future date. I only trust reports after the fact.

I'm also playing the bad cop here, so that others can be friendly and understanding (which, deep inside, I also am - but I try hard not to show it ).


Originally Posted by Debra
AIEEEEE everybody hates me, i'm surrounded by enemies, what did i do to deserve this, they think i'm cruel, now i can't trust a soul and it's impossible to sleep aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Originally Posted by Feretian
um...debra...what card are you designing in your head right now...?
Same as before! Nine of Swords...
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