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Who of the Greenwood users was it that mentioned the book series by Jean M. Auel ("The Clan of the Cave Bear," "The Mammoth Hunters," "The Valley of Horses," etc.) a while ago? I've decided to treat myself to some new books, and these are what I bought. If I wasn't such a terrible book completionist, I'd chuck Harry Potter #2 aside (I'm reading that one for the umpteenth time, after all), but as it is, I have another night or two to go before I can start on my new books. I'm curious to see what they add to my understanding of the Greenwood. Which is to say: thanks for the tip!

Incidentally, while I was shopping for my niece and nephew (the only people who get Christmas presents from me) today, I stumbled across shelves and shelves with amazingly life-like small plastic animals. I was seriously tempted to buy one to accompany my Greenwood. In the end, however, I didn't, simply because I was unable to decide. I may need to draw a card for that... They had Deer/Stag, Wolf, Hare, Horse (not Przewalski/Takh, though), Fox, Bear, and even Cave Bear! If the latter's teeth hadn't been painted in a way that made it look as if it hadn't properly washed its mouth after brushing its teeth, I'd have taken that. Hare and female Deer were also very close contenders. But it didn't look as if these would be sold out in a week or to, so I can easily wait until after the Christmas craziness.

I don't see myself doing much else in terms of my IDS for the next few days. I've packed my days with other things to do, but I plan to make some Greenwood time this weekend. But it's still nice reporting what I do (and don't do) here. It's a nice way of holding myself accountable. I also read what everyone else posts here, even if I don't have anything to say about it.
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