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Originally Posted by Onyx
That is what many of us did last year and so we kept in touch that way too. Iíll never forget when early in í09 AT was down and we were all posting and reading each otherís blogs out of AT withdrawal!
I remember that. I wasn't officially a member of the group, but I appreciated knowing the location of everyone's blogs, and visited those instead.

Would you put me down for the Lo Scarabeo Tarot? I might end up withdrawing, since my nerves kept kicking in last year (and most of my readings revolved around the same things ~ things that were too personal, or boring for others to read about). I wanted to try an IDS, but I keep feeling guilty at the thought of putting my DruidCraft away ~ as though I'm cheating on it. Last September, I started to focus solely on my DC, along with the Druid Plant and Animal oracles, but stalled, and ran out at the first opportunity, to buy Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.
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