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Got the list updated and looking forward to the start of the New Year. It is just a couple of days away.

Originally Posted by BelovedK
I might switch from the 78 week study to PDR because I don't think I can do just one deck. I have a reading this week and don't want to have to refer to a book to do it. With my Golden deck, I can read without a book, I get alot of intuitive impressions, but the Bohemian Gothic deck is my love, and I still have to look up some of the cards. I don't want to have t do that with this upcoming reading. I may use both decks though.

I will consider this over the course of the day.

How do I set up a blog?
Take your time and just let me know when you have decided. It is taking me some time to decide as well.

Originally Posted by scribbler
This sounds like a good new year's practice. Count me in for the Tarot of the Saints.
Great to have you! I hope to hear some great things about that deck. I havenít bought it yet but I am very interested. It looks great and I am just not sure how it would work for me though.

Originally Posted by elysgrl
Okay, I've decided. Put me down for the Robin Wood. This was the second deck I bought, and the first deck I really connected with. (I swear The Magician winked at me from the box in Borders!) I found the poor neglected babies at the very bottom of my box of decks. I can't even remember the last time I did a reading with them, so, long past time to reconnect.

The only way I'll switch decks midstream is if I fall in love with the Infinite Visions deck, which I plan to buy as soon as it becomes available again. (January 15th!)

My plan is to start a blog and post at least once a week, although I'll be keeping a handwritten journal as well, with my daily draws and more personal readings.

I'm thinking I'll probably start with a New Year's spread.....


Great to hear that you have chosen a great deck! I hope it will not be feeling neglected for much longer! Also if you feel you need to switch then just let me know when you put the Robin Wood down and I will update the list!

I recommend a written journal or notebook as the main place where you do the reflection. It is personal and private. I will be looking to get one this week and when I have something important to share I will blog about it too.

A New Yearís spread is a great idea too! Do you have one that you like to use? I have been looking for one that I can use to kick off my PDR exercise.

Originally Posted by hopena
I remember that. I wasn't officially a member of the group, but I appreciated knowing the location of everyone's blogs, and visited those instead.

Would you put me down for the Lo Scarabeo Tarot? I might end up withdrawing, since my nerves kept kicking in last year (and most of my readings revolved around the same things ~ things that were too personal, or boring for others to read about). I wanted to try an IDS, but I keep feeling guilty at the thought of putting my DruidCraft away ~ as though I'm cheating on it. Last September, I started to focus solely on my DC, along with the Druid Plant and Animal oracles, but stalled, and ran out at the first opportunity, to buy Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.

If you start to feel your nerves kicking feel free to take a break. I think it is a really worthy exercise with a lot of freedom. I think that if it gets too stressful or pressing then it is perfectly alright to take a break. I like this exercise because it allows me to use one deck just for me. This allows me to get personally connected with a deck while I may study, read for others, or even just play around. I don't have to worry about cheating other than when I do some personal work then I pick up the deck I have chosen. It can even change through the year too!
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