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Originally Posted by salamandrina
"Maybe you should paint something besides tarot then?"

I wonder why it bothers people that someone might have other reasons to make a deck? I am quite puzzled.
I'm puzzled too. I get a similar reaction with the paintings of mine that I don't sell -- people ask me, "Why's that one on your wall? Are you having trouble selling it?" I reply, no. "Well, what's the point of keeping it if it won't make you any money?" they say. I say, because I like it. I didn't paint it for someone else, I painted it for me.

Even if they'll never be made into a deck, I'm glad you're posting the images here where they can be appreciated by tarot aficionados! I'm blown away by your artwork, especially the Tower. What size is the original of that one? The detail just boggles me.
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