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ladies only?!?

Well, it is a man/woman partnership who designed it remember :-) and I hope it will appeal to at least some men somewhere LOL

Okay, it probably is a feminine deck in many ways. But look closer and it isn't all prettiness. We do want it to be a real reader so there are some more subtle things going on, in some cards at least, than are at first apparent. Presently (probably in fact tomorrow) I will upload the very macho (er, kind of) King of Swords - just for Bob and the boys!

For some reason there is a high proportion of Siberians in these first cards - have to say that's because we have a real liking for Siberians. However, in other cards we have a lot of mixed breeds as well as pedigree breeds - Maine Coons, Persians, Exotics, Somalis (the Chariot card is a Somali, but we also have a silver Somali), Burmese, Angoras, British Shorthairs, Russian Blues and many others. We are hugely indebted to the cat breeders of Prague who have been incredibly enthused and kind about letting us photograph their cats.

All we need now is a Sphinx (actually we have one, but not a terribly good photo).
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