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Based on this tempting pre-view, I believe that I will be firmly on the love it side of the two options offered. The costumes are luscious and the Baroque style a visual banquet. I am assuming that you did not actually 'dress' live cats........if you did your circle of cat friends provides more cooperative models than mine :-). I would be interested in learning more about your creative process for this deck.

Now Bob, come out of the cat lover closet. I can't tell you the number of times a burly guy has stood across the exam table from me, his beloved cat in his arms, the depth of his love so obviously exposed. He trys in vain to pull together the shambles of his masculine facade, by stating in the most non-chalant tone he can muster "I'm not really a cat person, but this cat is different!"

It is a new world. Men are no longer oppressed and held to a limited role of obedience and dull suits. Fashion and Felines for all!

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