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Originally posted by catdoc
I can't tell you the number of times a burly guy has stood across the exam table from me, his beloved cat in his arms, the depth of his love so obviously exposed. He trys in vain to pull together the shambles of his masculine facade, by stating in the most non-chalant tone he can muster "I'm not really a cat person, but this cat is different!"
Oh, I love this comment. That's great. I have actually seen this happen.

Must tell you that years ago when I had a kitten and was living in a shared flat I got home early one day to hear a man's voice going "Here kitty, here little kitty, here darling, come here". I walked into the room to find a rather macho type lying on the floor whispering sweet nothings to my kitten. When he saw me he shot to his feet and came out with the immortal excuse "Er, just trying to get it to come over to me so I can throw it out of the room". Yes, quite :-)

Anyway CatDoc, there could not be too more dissimilar cat decks I think. I really like the contrast. Yours is very realist (much more so that any full cat deck I've seen - the behaviour just looks right) and ours is in most ways pure fantasy. Easily room for both (and more). I hope 2004 will be a vintage year for the cat in tarot!

Oh, and no, we didn't dress up cats. Though we do keep getting asked that :-)
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