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THIS IS GREAT!!! Baba, you'll sell a ton of these when they're done! I love it! You KNOW how everyone loves cats. A good looking cat deck on the market will get snapped up fast.

Ok, so you didn't dress the cats up--I'm trying to figure if you posed them with their paws in the right place & took the pictures, or did the paws as a separate picture & manipulated them digitally to where they needed to be. And if you didn't dress them, then the clothes had to be posed on some sort of framework & then be matched to the cat's size & position....NOT all that easy to do.

I think I like the numbers to be centered too, but I guess that depends on if you can find the right width bottom border design to accomodate that without having to cut sections out of the main design. I don't know if it would show off better with a black background behind the embroidery on the borders or if the lighter color is what you need to work with. I like black framing, but that's just me.

What size are the finished cards going to be? Is this a large deck (easier to see the details) or a smaller one? For this, I think large would be better, but I know everyone likes small cards as they're easier to shuffle.

Women will love this. Gay guys will love this, and I think men will also use/buy it if they like cats. A 'manly man' may balk, but then most tarot are bought by women anyways, so you're not talking about loosing much of the market due to any perceived feminine aspect.
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