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We will both probably be purchasing baba-prague's fashionable cats well before my deck is complete. I have been making slow but steady progress and I am beginning the minors now. Though my staff loves my cards, my suggestion that I take a few months off to paint full time falls on deaf ears. If I don't work, none of us gets a paycheck ;-(

I will post new cards as they are completed and any news on this page.

It will definitely be a full 78 card deck. I have also been making notes which will eventually become a companion book. It should be fun. I am a disciple of the Joan Bunning school of tarot, so her keywords, and actions are the ones that resonate for me and are the basis for my card images from a cat's point of view....My 22 years of workin with both feline patients and their human companions will also color this work.

As to making a dog tarot deck....
Cat and Dog lovers (or at least #of households which own them in the USA) run almost neck and neck. Cat owners edged out the dog owners in the late 80's in Maine. So lack of dog fans is not the reason for the paucity of dog decks. Having worked with both I have to think it is the complexity of cat psychology which makes them the more likely candidate for inclusion in the tarot. Dogs are just so simple and open in their approach to life. The many breeds would provide variety, but the subtle nuances of tarot messages would be difficult to acheive using only dog images IMHO.

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