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I think it's the size. When you can see it properly she looks thoughtful and a bit sad, but I hope not more than that. She is a nice cat actually - lives with a friend and is a very sunny character in real life (but also intelligent).

So, yes, the costumes really are real ones. In fact, Anna being the kind of very meticulous person she is actually used only genuine baroque patterns (we all took part in finding them - quite a bit of time spent in libraries and on the web) which she then scaled down. Alex made a proper wire hoop based on a drawing in a book on baroque costume. We even have some underwear too - underslips, so that the skirts fall well.
My part is simpler by the way - I find and then sew on trimmings!

Here is Anna working on one of the female costumes (in Finland - for Finnish design aficionados, you can just see the Marimekko fabric curtains in the corner) . We tend to use only natural fabrics, mainly silks but also some wools and linens. The real difficult one to sew was the vintage silk velvet you can see in the cloak on the Two of Cups (which Alex has now changed a bit by the way - I told you so!)

I know all this must sound a bit obsessional, but while you can't see all the details in scans you WILL be able to see them in the final cards (oh - yes, in answer to the earlier question they will be quite large, about as large as we dare while making sure they are easy to handle and shuffle). In the end the detail will make a difference - well I hope so :-) I think a lot of beauty is often in the detail - especially when you want a thing to last and even, hopefully, be treasured (I don't like the idea of decks being discarded).

Oh - and yes, we do try to match gender and personality when we can. I think I said already that the King of Swords is a Supreme Champion here who was pushing around all the cats at his home - lovely cat, but oh boy, was he over self-confident!
We actually have used a female cat for the Knight of Swords, but I like to think of her as a rather dashing girl-dressed-as-boy type character. In reality she is a VERY large Siberian, so not obviously a girl by appearance. She is also totally fearless. Her owner said "that cat is afraid of nothing" LOL, so she fits with this card.
We've also been very careful about age. The Heirophant and Hermit are both rather elderly cats. The Pages are all around six-months old.

This may be more detail than you want. Apologies if so. But we are totally absorbed right now :-) Catdoc, I think you can probably relate to that!
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