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Wonderful, fabulous, stunning, amusing, charming, um, let's see, I think that about covers how I feel about this deck.

No, wait, there's a couple of things that it is not. I think it is: not too cute, not too serious, not too 'fluffy', not too precious, and not too detailed so as to overwhelm. I don't go for happy-pretty-sweet kitty things like cat-shaped frames or dangly cat earrings...unless they have the proper attitude, that is! (And yes, I really enjoyed that "My Cat Hates You" website, HudsonGray! ) I just loooove cats with attitude! And I fully believe that the Chariot cat is thinking, "I am coming right over there and kicking your a$$, mister! Hyah! Hyah!" I love it!

Well, I guess that does it, other than to say that I think it's perfect! Well done, Karen and Alex and Anna!


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