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To tell you the truth, the costumes may not be in a fit state to auction off once we've used them. To get the right shapes and poses we often have to pin them, tack them, weight them down, all sorts of stuff. We've had several seams give way because we are using thin silks, which of course are fragile. Anna has been very good about this. If it was my work I would be upset to see it damaged in any way, but she is just very focused on getting the right overall effect. Her work is amazing, we couldn't believe it when she produced the first tiny pieces. The little corset dresses are the best, they are often finished with gorgeous stitching and trims. The only slight problem is keeping them out of the hands of the children who are in the studio sometimes - we did find one dress left on a teddy-bear!

No, I don't think a deck has been done this way before. I think that should tell us something (as in, it is really a very fiddly and slow way to proceed :-) ). However, like I say, we sort of got into it tentatively and then really began to like the results. It gets very close to kitsch at some points, but I think we manage to avoid that - we definitely don't want "cute" either. As I say, my absolute inspiration is films like Lord of the RIngs and Harry Potter (and of course the ever-wonderful Amadeus) in which the attention to detail is fantastic and the impossible seems real. We can't rival that of course, but we can at least try to make a whole coherent world.

Knight of Swords to come. I think the King will have to wait as we are not happy with the background.
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