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a slightly larger scan of Queen of Swords

Thank-you. I think it's partly a warning about what happens when you put three slight obsessive-compulsive humans together with a bunch of cats :-)

Here is an easier to see Queen of Swords:

The problem is, this is going to be one of those decks (like Tarot of Prague but I think even more so) where it will be almost impossible to see the detail in scans. She is actually sitting in front of a table held by a bulldog (presumably under control!) and on top of which sits a porcelain depiction of "sight" complete with mirror, hawk and telescope. Behind is the fabulously pink tower of Cesky Krumlov Castle.
On her gown are butterflies, as a nod to the RWS card.
Anyway, I hope SOME of this is possible to see. Maybe we could all do with that telescope.

There will now be a short interval (as the BBC used to say) before the next card, as we have to do some work on the book cover and card packaging.
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