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Hi Astra,

Isn't it something? We have a little shop here that specialises in decorative antiques. It's run by a very knowledgeable and nice woman. She seems to find things that are really special. The fan was not in fact all that much money (seemed like a biggish purchase to us, but it wasn't really). She has some amazing fine silk floral embroidered braids too - very fine and amazing colour - but the one we wanted came with a whole costume so it was out of the question! She is currently trying to find us one we can buy on its own so we can use it in these photos.

By the way, rather different but equally special is an antique Devil puppet with one foot and one cloven hoof that we found in a shop way out of town. He is incredible - amazing carving and very old, and we will try to include him somewhere. Right now he hangs in our hallway - our little cat hit him yesterday for some reason!

There are still some very wonderful and beautiful things here, though it can take some looking to find them.
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